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Old 03-21-2012
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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The hardest thing with all advice is interpreting it as it was meant. The advice is to blow little bubbles, then empty your lungs at the end of the stroke cycle to help you breath in more easily and naturally.

I find it often helps when the same thing is put another way.

My breathing has improved a lot in the last 4 weeks and I think its down to 3 factors.

1. I am in month 13 of swimming training, and 12-18 months is often cited as a key period of improvement and comfort in the water.

2. I have been doing some fixed fitness sets in conjunction with my technical work. these are Monday, 12x200. Wednesday 6x400, Friday 3x800, but being precise with the rests and focusing hard to make each repeat a little faster than the previous. I am surprised how quickly these repeat lengths are getting mentally easier to complete and my times are easing downwards towards last years PB's. (end of 3 weeks)

3. 2 weeks ago I stopped breathing out and instead thought of my body as a boat with a leak in the form of my mouth and nose. The faster I swim the more air escapes from the hole. I find this an easier way to allow constant exhalation whilst staying relaxed.

I have made one more change and that is to not start breathing out on the push off until the second beep on the TT.
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