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Old 07-02-2011
dobarton dobarton is offline
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Default Golf scores

In the past couple of weeks, there have been a couple of threads regarding stroke rate vs stroke length and which is more important to work on. One thread started with the statement that, in the original posters opinion, stroke rate is everything. On the other hand, Terry is constantly reminding us that stroke length (balance, streamline, then propulsion) is critical.
Soooo, I set up a golf score table. I did this for myself as I wanted to know what it takes to get down to a 1:20 for 100 meters.
Below is a link to the table I worked out. I couldn't figure out a way to attach it, so it's a link instead.

Across the top is number of strokes, including those used up in the turns, that it takes to complete your distance (in my case, 100 m in a 25 m pool) and down the side is stroke rate in seconds/stroke. You can quickly pinpoint the goal time and find the combination that will get you there.

Inaccuaracies will mostly be related to the number of time intervals it takes to turn and where in the time interval you start your turn.

Interestingly, on the left 1/2-3/4 of the table, if you stroke 0.08 secs faster, but lose a stroke per length, you get the same time. However, if you keep the stroke rate the same, but lose one stroke per length, you actually acheive quite a drop in overall time.

Feel free to modify the chart for your own purposes. It's kinda' fun. Changing the number of strokes on the top would allow you to see 25 m, 50 m without a turn, a mile and so forth. You just have to figure out SPL, add a number for the turns and initial pushoff (I use 4, one to actually turn and three underwater), and multiply by the number of lengths. Put that number across the top and then the rest of the table should adjust.

Let me know what you think, but I now have a much better handle on how to get down to a 1:20 100 meters!
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