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Default If you like a practice, do it again - with a twist

Thurs Dec 8 at SUNY
Today's practice was very close to one I did on Tuesday and posted here.

Both practices had all the following elements in common
1) Warmup/Tuneup set was a long-ish series with an emphasis on moderate effort descending times, while maintaining SPL
2) Main Set was a Broken 500, done as 100 Fast at a disciplined SPL + 25 Recovery.
3) Main Set followed by a similar set (briskly paced repeats with SPL discipline) of shorter repeats.

Tuneup Set
2 Rounds of 4 x 100 Back, holding 15 SPL. Descend each round.
I descended 1-4 to 1:49 and 5-8 to 1:46
2 rounds of 4 x 50
1-4 25 BK 25 BR. Descend while holding 22 total strokes (15BK7BR)
5-8 25 BR 25 FR Descend while holding 21 total strokes (7BR14FR)
Notes: These sets were designed to tune my nervous system for the task presented in the Broken 500 to follow - descending a 100 Medley without adding strokes.

Main Set A Broken 500 as: 100 Brisk/Fast + 25 Recovery
I did the 100s as 25FL+50BK+25BR. holding 8SPL for FL and BR and 15-16SPL for BK.
I swam these in 1:38-1:37-1:36-1:35
This is great prep for racing the 200-400 IM. My effort level is quite intensive - nearly maximal on the 4th 100, and it takes great presence of mind to hold Stroke Length. I will be racing a 200-400 IM in two days at Ithaca College Masters Meet. Doing this set today prepares me mentally for the difficulty of holding SL in the midst of an intensive effort.

Main Set B Broken 400 as 75 Fast Free + 25 Recovery
The task I set myself was to swim as fast as possible at an average of 15SPL. My times were 59-57-57-57.
I was pleased with this set because my pace/25 was significantly faster than my set of 100 repeats on Tuesday.

Final Set
10 x 50 Mixing Fly and Breast, holding 8 SPL.
The last 6 x 50, I swam as follows:
3 strokes FL + 5 strokes BR each 25
All Fly.
This set is a good way to work on swimming farther in Fly, while staying relaxed. I held 8SPL the entire, but got steadily faster as I 'traded' BR strokes for FL strokes, yet maintained a sense of ease.
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