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Default backstroke kicking

i bought the backstroke dvd and have been practicing for a few months now. i figured it would give me something else to work on when i got frustrated with my freestyle!....the backstroke drills have really strengthened my core and i feel have made my balance better for both back and freestyle. i also realized that i love backstroke. sometimes i really get the sensation of gliding along. now my question....
i am having a hard time doing a constant flutter kick while swimming backstroke wholestroke. (drilling not a problem) i feel that my kick wants to be more of a pulsed thing and i can't figure it out. when i try to do a nice easy flutter i feel it messes up my rotation somehow and i don't feel as smooth. i have even tried swimming some laps with virtually no kick at all and don't seem to have a problem with balance. so, what is the ideal way to kick in backstroke? and any thoughts as to why it feels smoother to me to do more of a pulsed kick (not quite a 2 beat kick, but not a constant flutter)?
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