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Naj: Unfortunately we have ice in winter, so there is no OW swimming here in Sweden. I agree, it is horrible in the spring when you have to adjust to the water after 6 monthts in the pool. But regular pain makes the difference and in the spring the temperature is going up gradually, and so finally one day it is quite nice to be out there. I would love to swim with you at some time, but it has to be in the fall, I should think, when I am still compatible to cold water. Alcatraz is something you got to do once in your life, right?

Alistair and Grant (and by all means Naj): I just cannot believe that we have some kind of a chimney up there. It not logical. I agree with the conclusion that the reason for us to feel so comfortable when wearing a cap in the cold, is just that the head otherwise is uncovered. The heat, when working, goes out everywhere in the body by sweating. It has to be that way to my logics. But never mind, it is not a big deal!

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