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Hi all

I was considering posting this as a new thread, but on reflection it seems to fit in quite well here.

I have been working on my backstroke quite a lot recently and have definitely improved, although still very slow, even taking my age group into account (75-80).

I find that I am quite a bit faster swimming with a pull buoy (three to four seconds per 25m length), which seems to me to tell me that my kick is not merely ineffective but actually injurious to my stroke.

If I keep practicing with the pull buoy, is it possible that I will manage to transfer the more efficient body position and hence, I assume, better catch or purchase on the water, to my whole stroke swimming, or should I just concentrate on improving ankle flexibility and practice kicking, either vertically or horizontally or both?

Another avenue of course is to improve my underwater dolphin kicking, which is also in need of work, but that is really another problem.
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