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Cathy, my personal story for whatever it's worth. I've been a lap swimmer for years and as a young(er) man I had no problems with getting water up my nose. As I got older this started to become a problem, for reasons I never fully understood. My solution: use a nose clip. In your first post you said that you view a nose clip as a crutch, which in some sense it is, but it is a very minor crutch and I find that it offers an almost complete solution. I say almost complete because, even with the nose clip, I sometimes still have this problem, but this is usually because I unconsciously started to inhale through my nose with the clip. So my advice is not to waste energy on this problem and see how much a nose clip helps. It will not cramp your swimming style in any way that I have noticed and I see a lot of other experienced swimmers who also use them.
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