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Dear Coach Stuart, thank for a good piece of advice. My son is definitely far from taking part in any Jr Olympics trials yet ( and I don't really see that in any far future!), over here at Penang Swimming Club, my son trains 6 sessions a week, each session takes about 1 and a half hour, for his age group, the mileage for each session is about 2500m to 3500m, even in term of density, it is not very high. I have to admit that our training programs lack of real tapering periods, especially for young swimmers because we consider just average mileage and density for daily training, most of the time the swimmers would train as usual until two days before the competition, a day before competition, the swimmers usually will have test pool, that's all.
As for my son, the disparity of performance between training and competition is a bit too starkly obvious. For eg. , after training for about 2000 to 2500m, he still can swim around 36-37s for 50m freestyle, or 43-44s for 50m backstroke, but for the last competition he took part last week, he still swam around 35s(his pb is also 35s done early this year) and 43s(the pb is 42s done middle of last year) respectively for 50m free and back.
The coach and I really sensed that something must be wrong, of course he said he was so nervous and felt so tense before going up the plunging board.
Maybe this is mental fallout that need to be overcome?

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