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On a smaller scale, I too am working on Freestyle and Backstroke excellence. I swim in public sessions in a small pool with only four lanes, when they have lanes, which is only three days a week, but sometimes at weekends they have a single lane for those of us who like to swim up and down or to and fro.

Since I am older and slower than everybody else, I have to fit my repeats in between the repeats of the faster swimmers so I usually find I can't do anything longer than 50m without getting in their way. But I find that this is still useful as I can swim at a somewhat faster pace than if I were able to swim 100s or 200s.

Today I produced a practice PB for 32x25m, which was very gratifying and encouraging.

Sometimes at the end of the session a lane becomes vacant and I can do backstroke repeats. I have been doing 100m repeats at a slow pace, paying due attention to the things one is supposed to pay attention to, including the kick, which is very poor, but I think these slow repeats with attention to kicking, including dolphins off the wall, are probably better than
kick sets. It also gives me a chance to practice turns (open turns still, but one day I may decide to try doing flips).

I feel that my practice PB today was due to this approach.Tomorrow may be completely different of course.
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