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If you're part of this experiment it will be more thoughtful and more interesting.
I swam at SUNY again today, doing just 2000y like Wed. I will strive to avoid pushing for any increase - in distance, effort or pace - in my month of Backstroke Excellence. Rather I want to feel as if I'm pulled to any gains.

As I was starting today a friend of mine -- a professor at the college in his 60s -- stopped me for a brief chat. He's been swimming with the Masters at the college for the past year or so, after swimming on his own at lunchtime for 10 years or so. He can swim some pretty strong paces -- as fast or faster as anything I do up to about 200y. I haven't converted him from old-school methods like pull and kick sets, but he does seem intrigued by how I swim -- both strokewise and approach to practice.

He told me that Masters is killing his interest and enjoyment. He said it feels rote and purposeless -- and generally unpleasant physically too. So I related my conversation with my other friend.
Here are today's sets
500 [25FR/25BK] I held 13/15SPL and focused on making my catch feel as deft and firm in BK as FR, and feet streamlined in both.

5 x 50 BK on 1:00. I descended times from :54 to :49 at constant 15SPL
Rest 1:00
Descend 5 x 50BK on 1:10 :52 to :48 at constant 15SPL.
Rest 1:00
4 x 250 FR on 4:00 -- 200 descend + 50 recovery.
Rest 1:00
I descended the 200s from 2:53 to 2:47 while maintaining 14SPL and bilateral breathing. I was aiming to feel 'strong', but not hard, at all times and speeds to feel I was working with, not against.
I did this set (during my month of Backstroke Excellence) because I'll swim 1000 FR at a Masters meet at Ithaca College Dec 8.

This was encouraging progress from Wed's practice.
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