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Default Total Immersion Coach in the Philippines

I would just like to thank Total Immersion for finally having an authorized coach to teach total Immersion in Manila. I have been an avid fan of Total Immersion program from watching the most graceful freestyle in youtube, hoping to attend a TI class someday as I recently got into Aquathlons, and by end of this year, Triathlon.

I was almost scammed by TriSwim Coach in the Philippines as he is claiming to teach total immersion and would have a Total Immersion Certificate on his Facebook, however when I checked on the Find-A-Coach tab on the TI website, only MediSwim is there. I even checked the Verified Coaches list and there are only 2 coaches -- Ria and Jaycee, and the JOSE is not even listed.

Putting this out there just in case there are filipino TI followers here-- Beware of

I don't this he's by any chance affliated to TI (hope TI can confirm if he is or not)

Thank you and have a blessed week to us all!
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