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Originally Posted by Tom Pamperin View Post

good to see another post from you! Welcome back to the forum.
Thanks Tom :)

Originally Posted by Tom Pamperin View Post
I think you mean "takes the lead" as in "The elbow takes the lead during the pull phase"--i.e. the elbow moves backward first, leaving the hand and forearm in place, and causing them to become horizontal rather than vertical. So, if we imagine the swimmer standing up vertically, the elbow is moving downward (i.e. "dropping") as it starts the pull phase.

Originally Posted by Tom Pamperin View Post
but of course, the elbow also "drops" in a vertical sense in that, as the elbow moves backward leading the pull, it also becomes lower in relation to the forearm and wrist. So, elbow above wrist, wrist above fingertips is aimed at fixing the same problem from another angle.
And that is most probably how those saying it mean it, but for me the relative positions of my hand, elbow, and shoulder in the fixed reference frame of the pool is beyond my ken while splashing around in 3D, so the point was lost. Reconfiguring the message so as to accord with the reference frame of my own body though suddenly makes sense of it.

I'm thinking of playing one step further down this route by overcorrecting. Instead of going for the goal of vertiocal forearm I want to see what going for a scoop produces, aiming perhaps to scoopall the way back to my thigh.
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