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Originally Posted by old man View Post
Thanks for replies.
I tend to focus my attention on double switch drills always focusing on my left (weak) side, rather than waste time on my right-hand side, which appears to be ok.
You wouldn't necessarily be wasting your time breathing on your right side. What you really want to do is make your left side breathing like your right side breathing. Alternating sides will allow you to compare the the two sides and therefore may help you figure out what is different about your left side breathing.

And rolling to 'sweet spot' is fine; my problem arrises when going for regular breathing (sneaky breathing's the term isn't it?).
thanks again
If you have no problems rolling to your sweet spot on your left side, then I'd suggest that when you do double switch drills, you alternate rolling to your sweet spot with taking a regular breath. Your regular breaths should be just like rolling to your sweet spot, except that you only roll far enough to take in a breath and then point your nose at the bottom and begin the next pair of switches.

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