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Dont know what race these guys where looking at.
Normally she takes 40 strokes-50 m if you count the last stroke to get to the wall if she would use an open turn.
In the last 50m she took 41 -41,5, with a much bigger kick, so thats even a shorter stroke with added propulsion from the kick.
You cant see all the strokes , but if you count through the time where you diont see her swim you can see if you counting syncs with the stroke when she is visable again.(for drummers this is a bit easier)
The last 5 meter where done Manadou straight arm style. Not exactly a style maximizing stroke lenght.

She is 5ft 11 (1.80m) @ 70 kg. For this body 40 strokes/50 m is not a long stroke. About avarage.
She is a great example to follow. Not a physical freak like Sun Yang, Phelps or Thorpe.
Its just good technique, an iron will power and a great aerobic engine.

Then there is the question about the lope.
Most of the fastest swimmers liope.
Phelps, Ledecky, Paltrinieri; Sun Yang (to a lesser extend but its still loping), Thorpe, vd Hoogenband, Leezak etc etc
Can you call a style all these swimmers are using a stroke flaw?
You could, but its certainly not an important speed limiting one...

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