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Originally Posted by WFEGb View Post
Hello novaswimmer,

what brings you to this question? (Although think, I can't give an answer...)

Store an Organisation are led by Angela,

and Keith,

My last order (OK; some weeks ago) went very smooth and fast across the atlantic, my bonus code "coachwernergoldbaum" worked well :-). Was even faster than an other order from GB just across the channel... My in April finished translation of Terry's UEF into German found its way to the shop. (Sorry, couldn't resist this promotion...)

At least I know Terry is working on a revised comprehensive version of his yellow book, might become an opus magnum, he also writes a weekly blog and produces several video talks and webinars. His posts to the forum have been always "only" one and then...

Sounds a little as a last good bye. Hope I'm missing the true sense and see you here one and then or more often again...

Best regards,
Thanks Werner,

I guess I was under the impression that Terry started up this Forum. At least he used to respond on it quite a bit. But it seems his participation has been absent for a while. That's all. Not at all a goodbye. Just wondering if he is still writing and developing materials. Or maybe he is coming close to retirement? Or phasing out.

I'm a newbie swimmer, so don't have much to contribute.
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