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Originally Posted by ScoopUK View Post
I wrote a long reply but basically my conclusion can be summarised as...

* Forget what you look like, the only objective measurement that matters is the wall clock.
* Symmetry in your stroke has no relation to speed.
* A scrappy looking swimmer can be a fast efficient swimmer.
* 'Feel for the water' is a myth so find a stroke that works without finesse.

With that in mind is video analysis always that helpful?

Swimming isn't a scientific paper. It doesn't have to survive the process of peer review. You just have to beat them in the water.
I like that summary of your point of view. There is something to be said for presenting your opinion concisely, but your subsequent comments seem to contradict the above view if I understand them. Why do you like swimming TI-style? The best motivation for swimming TI-style that I know of is that it feels good. Is that something you care about? It is, of course, possible to have multiple goals when swimming. You can be a competitive swimmer and also swim because you enjoy the feeling. I have tried scrappy swimming, especially when I was younger and more fit, and I never enjoyed it, even though I got a great workout. It reminds me of a discussion I once had with someone about running in deep snow. His contention was that there is no better workout. My contention was that it was torture. Probably we both are right. Just like some people enjoy scrappy swimming, some people enjoy running in deep snow. The important thing is to know which type of person you are.

As far as which type of swimming is faster, I agree with you that this depends on who you are. Again, the important thing is to know yourself, what you enjoy, and what you do best.

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