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good to see another post from you! Welcome back to the forum.

Originally Posted by Talvi View Post
It is clear from the video that the word "dropped", in the phrase "dropped elbow", is used not in respect of verticality but in respect of the horizontal plane i.e as if the swimmer were in a standing position rather than lying flat in the water. The problem from it is not that it is "beneath" but that it takes the lead.
I think you mean "takes the lead" as in "The elbow takes the lead during the pull phase"--i.e. the elbow moves backward first, leaving the hand and forearm in place, and causing them to become horizontal rather than vertical. So, if we imagine the swimmer standing up vertically, the elbow is moving downward (i.e. "dropping") as it starts the pull phase.

That makes sense to me--but of course, the elbow also "drops" in a vertical sense in that, as the elbow moves backward leading the pull, it also becomes lower in relation to the forearm and wrist. So, elbow above wrist, wrist above fingertips is aimed at fixing the same problem from another angle.
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