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Originally Posted by eddiewouldgo View Post

His foot is still hooked.

What, if anything, do you think he should he do to fix it?
The necessary question is what's the goal? Alex, what kind of swimming do you want to be good at - being able to swim greater distances (a mile or more) at a solid pace without fatigue? Or to improve your pace for shorter distances - say 500 yards and less?
The best use for your legs, and the kind of focus you want to give your kick, should proceed from that goal.
As a distance swimmer, my kick goals have been:
1) Have my legs draft behind my torso.
2) Have my leg movements coordinate better with my weight shift - 2BK
3) Minimize resistance as well as energy cost from kicking.
4) Be able to selectively increase the contribution of leg drive to my speed on a tactical basis - when I need it for a strong finish or -- usually briefly -- in midrace, to maintain a drafting position.
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