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Originally Posted by Alex-SG View Post
TERRY, EDDIE: Thank you very much for your help.

I do have lateral instability due to over rotation. The "wild kick" probably comes from the legs wanting to help stabilize the stroke.

And this is happening in spite of the fact that:
a. I start each workout with vertical kicking (150)
b. I do plenty of skating drills for balance + learning how to kick from the hip (and get the legs to draft behind the torso)
It's not guaranteed that your VK practice will help with the lateral instability. It can help pattern a more compact kick . . . but that pattern is specific to a vertical position, while your problems are cropping up in a horizontal position. Your postural muscles interact with leg muscles in a completely different way when vertical than they do when horizontal. As well, the kick you're using in VK is a steady, unbroken one. I imagine you use a (discontinuous) 2BK while stroking.
The two differences mean you "grow myelin" on one circuit when doing VK and on a very different one when swimming.

Skating practice can be helpful, as can be practice with both arms at your sides. In this practice, make sure you're imprinting a "barely off your stomach" position rather than an "on your side" position.

In both Skating practice and if you do the same with both arms at your sides, practice minimizing your rotation to the breath. Try to breathe closer to the way you do in whole stroke, rather than Sweet Spot. And work on breathing to either side.

One length of this, followed by a length of whole stroke, should be a good sequence. Breathe to the same side on both lengths -- i.e. breathe right on the drill, then on the swim. Then breathe left on both.
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