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The fact that while focusing on breathing, you are aware of your hand and your kick going out, shows you are heading in the right direction. Rather than focusing on many points at once, you are lightly focusing on one while maintaining a light awareness of everything else. If you feel something going out you shift your focus back to that till it's under control. If one doesn't take it easy on themselves and keep a relaxed mental attitude,it's easy to become like the proverbial centipede who was walking along when someone asked him what his 87th leg was doing when his 23rd leg was moving forward,and he found he couldn't walk at all.
T.I. swimming is really brain and neural training. Watch a master muscian play. The reason they can do what they do is that through many hours of conscious training they have programed in all the individual components so that they are automatic, then they can let themselves go and feel the music.
The real trick with T.I. is taking what you have learned and being able to apply it to other areas of your life. In T.I. there is so much going on internally that it is a lifetime learning thing that you don't ever really " reach"
but you learn so much from along the way.If one doesn't realise this they can easily think they've "got it" when all they've really done is put together a few clever tricks.
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