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I am here but I must say I'm just as *** off as I was last week. Frustrated is an understatement. I'm a perfectionist and a structural engineer. Possibly the worst combo ever!! Everything.Must.Be.Perfect...

Say, I happen to get a breath (imaginary situation, hasn't happened yet, but happened with other things many times) but simultaneously, say, I drop the elbow? I may even stop mid-lane...

Johnny would then ask, why did you stop? Resume stroking. Cathy: Öööö because I noticed I was doing stop-and-go again before I went into recovery//my stroke timing fell apart//my pinky finger on my third hand was in the wrong angle. Johnny: No problem, continue! Cathy: Coach, no can do (brainf*k)...

This is also the answer to your question, Werner, if I've tried to take a wonky breath. Yes and no... I did try but it's hard, probably even harder for me to do than to nail a clip-worthy TI breath (eventually)...

PS. I only posted that because there was a new post in my thread asking me what's up. I hope I didn't scare her away... I posted that in the heat of the moment. I just blew up. I couldn't contain my frustration anymore. Actually what I'd have needed was probably a hug, rather than more advice -- it was that bad.

@Bada Bing:
If you have any visualization to get my first ever breath, please shoot!

One day I came home from work with 100+ printed pages from this forum... I printed every breathing thread with 20+ comments and/or interesting title/opening comment... I've found many gems already but I'm still not breathing.

Originally Posted by WFEGb View Post
...getting a breathe in any way. Included all things extremely bad from TI's point of view... stretching and bending the neck, lean on the front-arm, jumping with your upper body and head out of the water... Sure you'll find all these things in the strokes of course-swimmers who "learned" breathing in four weeks. And sure you're always trying to get your breathe in ideal and very best TI-form...
You're still here. Very good!

Best regards,
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