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Hello Cathy,

I honestly don't think it's psychology. It's something technical in my case.
Might be the psychology how to deal with this very special technic :-)

What just came into my mind; did you ever try what most of FS-learners do? Simply getting a breathe in any way. Included all things extremely bad from TI's point of view... stretching and bending the neck, lean on the front-arm, jumping with your upper body and head out of the water... Sure you'll find all these things in the strokes of course-swimmers who "learned" breathing in four weeks. And sure you're always trying to get your breathe in ideal and very best TI-form... Have in mind, even Terry noticed a tiny, never noticed before, head-lifting in his stroke on one side... when he chosed the videos for his Mastery 2.0.

You're still here. Very good!

Best regards,
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