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You have made me very thankful for something I take for granted living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We have an abundance of private and civic pools. In the summer, the open water swim options are endless. When I swim tomorrow morning, I will look around and feel a whole new sense of gratitude.
Yes, I must agree for all those of us who have the pleasure of having access to pools and other bodies of water to swim in - we should be so grateful to have been blessed with our circumstances. By the way, I am assuming that most of the pools where you are located may likely be heated, unless most people there are able to tolerate the "cold" water of open/"unshaded"/unheated pools - this coming from someone who lives in a tropical area where most pools do not require heating year round in order for people to be able to swim in these. This - the availability of open/unheated pools - I am further grateful for.
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