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Default Swim #2 - Tempo based data collectoin

Today was swim #2 in my my mini project, I still feel like I am collecting and triangulating data, especially as this set was not "fun", and felt stressful...I have eliminated a group of tempos that are not working for me right now.

Amazing how the body is always changing. 5 years ago these tempos would have felt fast, although times would not be much different and maybe a hair faster. it's interesting to me to see how strength vs finesse & flow play into the metrics.

10x100 Assessement Set using a tempo, 25SCY, JCC Squirrel Hill 02/09/2016

Tuneup 5 x 100 of breathing focuses & breathing drills

Main: 10 x 100 using tempo & collecting SPL (bonus for 11x 100)

CD: 25BR, 25elementary BK + 100 Easy free @ loose tempo (20spl)

Practice Notes:
tuneup focuses included
-nodding followed by breathing
-skate + nod drills (25SK, 25FR nod/breath right, 25FR nod/breath left, 25 FR breath q3)
-swing switch to nod/breath drills (same & opposite side), similar progression as above
-100FR with breathing focus by 25s: breath towards right arm, breath towards left arm, breath away from left arm, breath away from right arm
-Breathing by 25 q4, q3, q3, q2

This final one prepped me with a snappier tempo for the main set. In the future if starting with a faster tempo for the main set I'd do a mini task prior to continue the tuneup & warmup the faster twitch recovery muscles, but I'm still not confident i've got the fitness for more than a mile session ata time.

Main Set:
Nearly identical times throughout entire set of 1:42-1:43
Tempo did not fee fast to start with like I expected and quickly felt very slow. Effort quickly climbed as tempo dropped. I never quite got down to 16 spl although many of the 17s at the slower tempos were 16.5 strokes. I did all open turns, so counted +1 strokes if I glided into the turn.

Rest intervals ended up being about 1 minute including time to make notes & change the tempo trainer and get ready to go again.

the whole set until the final 2 @ 1.08 & 1.05 I felt stressed physically...not necessarily tired, but strained. I wasn't artifically trying to keep SPL down, just trying to not lose core control or alignment coming off the walls.

I did note that my left sided breathing, which is the trouble side now seems to be tied to my rotation to that side. I think I am under-rotating, which accounts for it being significantly more strain than the right side. I tried underrotating to the right side and sure enough, I felt similar strain there.

So...still learning, still gaining fitness, still collecting data.

My next practice will be SPL based in groups of 50s. After this swim, I think I'll try doing rounds of 4x50s of 17SPL, 18SPL, 19SPL & 20SPL for 5 sets total. maybe the middle set I'll try 17-18, 18-19, 19-20, 20-21. With that practice I will still just be swimming for one metric (not two) and paying attention to the focal points i've identified so far. And mostly trying not to hurt myself. My neck is a little tender after this swim.

So many intersting things to learn!

Last swim time for this minus rest is about 17:10
Total swim time for the initial 5 x 200 was about 17:56

I think I can even better on rounds of 50s without the tempo trainer "restriction" and further narrow down my swim.

Tempos SPLs/25 Effort
1.15 17-17-18-18 5/10
1.17 17-17-17-18 6/10
1.19 17-17-18-18 6/10
1.21 17-17-17-18 7/10
1.23 17-17-17-17 7/10
1.20 17-17-18-18 8/10
1.17 17-17-18-18 8/10 <--getting very tired and looking forward to faster tempos/less strain
1.14 18-18-18-18 7/10
1.11 18-18-18-19 7/10
1.08 19-19-19-20 7/10
1.05 20-20-20-20 6-7/10
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