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Originally Posted by sclim View Post

Oh, during the swim I also I tried to tidy up my right breathing, which tends to drift rather high and up to about 30-45 degrees from the horizon, unlike my very cool left side which tends to be perfectly placed, but which I still get anxious doing. I did a nicely placed right sided breath exactly at the waterline with my mouth efficiently tucked in the crook of my neck. But I timed it wrong and got a mouthful of water with a vigorous inhalation. I was fortunate not to inhale it right down my lungs, but reflexively gulped the whole mouthful down into my stomach. This really threw me, and I almost had to stop but I struggled on, trying not to throw up. I put on a lot of SPL that length, and it probably affected my concentration for a while after that!

But I still remember how perfectly where that breath was placed. Just the timing was clumsy.
Breathing on my left side is easier than my right. But, if I can get the left to work, then I can certainly get the right to work as well - with some effort. There must be something I am doing that is different. I just have to figure it out.
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