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Originally Posted by novaswimmer View Post
Yes, I pretty much breathe 'as I need it' on either side. It took me a while to work up to pretty much all summer. But it's getting more comfortable. Still swallow water once in a while.
Yeah, I almost forget now, that when I started this TI thing a couple years ago, I absolutely could not breath on the left. Took me a long time and brutal drills to get me to breath on the left more than once, and it was really ugly at first. Now my left side breathing (in the context of breathing every 3 strokes) is really smooth, and actually very low at the waterline. But I still have a residual anxiety about it, and I know doing a whole length of exclusive left side breathing will be a real challenge. I have to find the time and priority to drill exclusively left side breathing, to get comfortable with it, in case the situation makes it necessary during an open water competition.
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