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Originally Posted by novaswimmer View Post
I used to be really hesitant to share a lane with another swimmer for fear I'd bang into them, but now I'm like 'whatever', although always humbled by my usually slower pace.
I just had a thought -- at some point of time, in spite of my reluctance to swim with shared lanes, I might actually try to use the presence of another swimmer ahead of me to practice drafting. This would require a whole lot of concentration and skill that I don't have right now yet:

1) Stroke efficiency and strength and corresponding automaticity, i.e. the ability to maintain the speed and efficiency equivalent to focussed practice, yet while focussing on trailing the swimmer ahead.

2) The ability to change speeds smoothly and efficiently at will so as to catch up with the swimmer ahead then latch on behind at a 1/2 metre trailing length.

3) The ability to do all the above while looking slightly ahead. Right now all I've practiced is looking straight down. In fact I've had several near collisions due to this. Including one almost-hit on the far pool end when I was so focussed on the drill I failed to note that I had run out of pool!

Just a thought for me to keep in mind for the future.
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