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Originally Posted by novaswimmer View Post
Thanks for the encouragement. I will not not give up. I need the exercise and I have, in my last year of swimming using TI book and focused practice, seen a fair amount of improvement.

I used to be really hesitant to share a lane with another swimmer for fear I'd bang into them, but now I'm like 'whatever', although always humbled by my usually slower pace.

I def. need to keep tweaking the issues of drag, balance, timing of kick, hold on water during pull, relaxation, etc.
Yeah, I'm in the same situation. But then I remind myself it's not about humbled/not humbled, or whether at this moment I'm slower or faster than the other swimmer(s) in the lane -- I'm choosing to swim at this speed because at my level of proficiency this is the right speed that helps me most while I am tweaking whatever element that I'm focusing on in this drill (the final result being faster pace at lower effort -- but that's way further down the line, after I've tweaked all the elements then re-assembled them, hopefully into a cohesive whole).

But I gotta agree with you, it's a nuisance to share the lane; for me, I think it's because the extra effort and concentration to avoid potential collisions takes away from the concentration required to make the drill work right.

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