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Originally Posted by sclim View Post

You gotta work with what you've got. Guess what, it'll be harder now, but when we crack the code, and ingrain all that efficiency we'll be forced to learn, when we've finally picked up all the little tricks that are there for everyone, not just the buoyant people, to steal, you and I will be better swimmers over the long haul!!
Thanks for the encouragement. I will not not give up. I need the exercise and I have, in my last year of swimming using TI book and focused practice, seen a fair amount of improvement.

I used to be really hesitant to share a lane with another swimmer for fear I'd bang into them, but now I'm like 'whatever', although always humbled by my usually slower pace.

I def. need to keep tweaking the issues of drag, balance, timing of kick, hold on water during pull, relaxation, etc.
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