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Originally Posted by sclim View Post
novaswimmer: you and I likely are the two lonely outliers lol. I understand you completely. As long as I have a tiny bit of forward motion, I can exploit this movement to get some planing effect to minimise my leg sinking. It's not perfect, but it's manageable. I think I'm slowly getting better at it, or getting all the tricks to work at once, belly breathing, subtle balance skill, streamlining skill, stroke angulation management skill, maybe, I don't know, but my working on lowering SPL at a given fixed low TT rate whole stroke is slowly getting less strained and still achieving a reasonable (for me) low SPL which is ever so slowly inching downward still, I think.
Yeah, it's lonely at the 'bottom'.

I am getting frustrated with advice which works for non-sinkers but not necessarily for 'us'. Guess I'll just have to settle for a slow pace.

Yes, at a faster pace, I can keep legs up better (drafting effect), but I wear out faster. When I first push off from the wall, my body is very horizontal and breathing is a breeze. But then legs begin to go down as speed diminishes.

My SPL are probably around 20, but it's a very slow pace and I can't maintain it for very long. But I will keep working -- hey, I need the exercise!
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