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Originally Posted by s.sciame View Post
I, fwiw, don't find it that hard to stay focused on the TI side of things during my sets, always count SPL, use my favourite focal points etc.
Yes, that is usually true with me, too. But I want to make sure the clock doesn't start dictating what I do. I want my speed to be the RESULT of my TI practice, not the goal.

Originally Posted by s.sciame View Post
The major concern I would have if I had to swim such a long distance (10 miles or 16km) would be adapting to stay 5h in cold water. Are you planning anything to address this?
It seems likely it won't be too awfully cold. The organizers report temps ranging from 68 F to 75 F. And I'm well insulated enough that I don't think that'll be a problem. Of course, I'll do as much open water swimming as I can between now and then--I should be able to swim in the local lakes by early May, giving me 2 1/2 months before the swim.
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