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Originally Posted by s.sciame View Post
Hi Tom, in order to predict your times over long distances, one way that I personally find very effective is to always have a clear picture of your current threshold pace and then practice enough aerobic sets to become efficient and consistent at paces below your threshold.
Thanks; that makes sense.

I'm familiar with training as a runner with long runs, tempo runs, and speed work (at various distances from 400m to 1 mile). I've been thinking that I'll gradually try to find a way to incorporate those kinds of heart rate zones into my TI work. I had my best success as a runner when I included all 3 types of training each week. The speedwork in particular was like magic, so I'll probably want to do some short repeats at fast speeds, with plenty of rest, as well as the threshold work.

The tricky part will be staying focused more on the TI side of things, and not paying too much attention to the clock. I think my best stroke is good enough to do well in the 10-miler, so my priority should probably be working to maintain that best stroke for longer distances. Which would probably fit in quite well with your suggestion.

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