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Default Slow down to speed up...I like it!

Wow...2.5 would find me swim-crawling along the bottom of the pool I think. It'll take a while to get there...

Thank you Ron Bear and I will take your much appreciated advice about practising at slower tempos too. I can definitely see the benefits of this. From noting in my first session with TT that 1.34 felt incredibly slow but then persevering and swimming some comfortable lengths with pleasing SPL at 1.32, my goal in the next sessions will be to see if I can gradually work my way down, as well as up, in tempo. I look forward to practising some swimming that 'sucks'.

Thank you also to telling me the focus isn't on SPL when going slower, just about the swimming, as that would be way too many aspects to concentrate on! Counting and focal points - too much!!!!

Hoping to get to the pool tomorrow night. A third thank you Ron Bear, you've given a novice some much appreciated advice.
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