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Default New Tempo Trainer User

Can I please have some simple advice on how to start off with a tempo trainer with the aim of increasing my speed...?

I know there is ALOT of information about tempo trainers in forums and I've found some good blogs etc but I have found I now have information overload. I have read 'One Tool and Five Steps to Improve Your Swimming' and found some useful tips in there (thank you Terry).

Many of the ideas though are from people who seem to have swum forever (compared to me anyway) and understand, the sometimes, complex terminology used, or are faster than I am so it doesn't seem relevant (although I may be incorrect in this summation).

I've been swimming about 8 months and am self taught using 'The Revolutionary...', and reading and viewing what I can on-line. I've always loved water and spent most of my teenage years at the beach but swimming then was diving through surf, body surfing and jumping off high and dangerous places! A different prospect than the now 40 year old who is lap swimming for health and enjoyment.

I swim usually 3 times a week for about 45 minutes in a 25m pool. I have worked up from about 100m stop-start repeats at about 2.20 to being able to swim 2km in one hit in this time. I'm currently about 2.00 per 100m and my fastest 2km is 42.09. My SPL are 22. I am 164cm tall.

Any simple 'where to start' ideas appreciated for maximising the effects of this highly recommended tool.
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