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Default ENT says I'm AOK! But are Earplugs the Swimfins of Healthcare??

I went to see the ENT Doctor yesterday and he said my ears now look good....It's been a struggle because I've kept myself away from the pool....I'm going to slowly get back into the water over the next week or two....

I have been thinking about using ear plugs, but surprisingly, the ENT doesn't think they are necessarily so effective and that if I haven't had an issue in the past, to not worry too much about it....

He even made the statement that if you don't use earplugs in the shower, why use them in the pool...unless, of course, you are immersed in cold water....

I prefer not to use swim plugs, but I have to wonder....are earplugs like swim fins, in that the underlying assumption of their derived benefits are greatly exaggerated!!!!

I would think that water in the canal is helpful at softening and clearing out I wrong in my intuition???
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