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Richard and Andy
I gave my age as 78 as that is my "swimming" age in Canada. In meets you are the age you are on Dec 31 of that year. My actual birthday (Sep 23) is pretty close to yours.
I do body weight exercises on my off swimming days. Swim every M,W,F. This gives me good recovery time and I feel eager to go each swim morning. The two day layoff over the weekend results in me feeling really strong on the Monday. About three years ago I pulled the long head tendon of my left biceps muscle doing really fast push-ups. The sports medicine Dr said that I should not do anymore push-ups, dips or pull-ups. In the last year I have gradually worked up to over 20 baby push-ups (knees on the floor). These are pain free and makes me feel I am at least doing something for my arm strength. Since the injury my fly times have gone down the most. Would like to hear if anyone has another approach to arm strength.
As our age group 75-79 is somewhat small in numbers I use the swimmers in the adjoining lanes in races to either push me or pull me. Usually the seed times are close to mine so I get the competitive juices going.

Andy. I had a body fat reading about 25 years ago when I was a distance runner and it was 14. About a month ago I found one of those scales you mentioned it said I was 25% body fat. I am 5ft 9in and 170 lbs. with some hint of belly fat but not much. When I suck in my belly it is flat, so I was shocked at that reading. Have begun some of the 4 hour body kettle bell routine. Starting at the 20 lb weight. Have had to back off as it seemed to agravate my lower back. Today I resumed it and am feeling good so maybe slow and easy is best.
I am still torn as to whether to concentrate on 50, 100 and 200m races or to go after 200, 400, 800, 1500 races. From 200m up I use a two beat kick and on the 50 and 100m races I do a very rapid flutter kick. Have not even tried to master the 6beat kick.
Running always melted the belly fat off but that is no longer possible for me as it really bothers my lower back.
Good luck to you both on your quests. Maybe by opening up the issue of what to do when one has maxed out their speed and is on the downward slope some light can be focused on methods to slow down the slide.
May we swim with ease at the speeds we choose.
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