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Hi there Caronis !

Tinnitus can be really annoying and I'm sorry to hear you have this annoyance as well. I still have it and like yours it fluctuates. Sometimes mine isn't noticeable and at other times it's really loud - and it's much as Shrerry describes. (Sorry for my delay to reply ... with ski season underway and the nuisance of the spam lately, I'm checking out the site less frequently these days. Too bad there isn't a way to get rid of these people... I digress.) The OHSU clinic replied to my question asking of any known success with treatment of tinnitus with lipoflavinoids by simply saying that they haven't heard of any success with it.

I wonder if you may find your plugged ear, if not wax, may then be something like crystals that form in the eustation tube. I understand that this problem may increase a dizzy feelings. But needless to say, the ENT is the best path to follow for any resolution. I hope it goes well for you ... let us know please. I've pretty well ruled out my problems due swimming. I did try ear drops but stopped that quickly due to a burning sensation and I don't use earplugs while swimming. I do have a weakness in the sinus and some times going to the bottom (about 12 ft) causes sinus pain, as does any attempt at flip turns. The deep water seems to have no adverse affects on my ears ..... or does it ? Sometimes a severe sneeze or even a yawn brings about some cracking and momentary clearer hearing so I feel "there is hope". Years ago, after a really bad cold with plugged ears, an ENT told me they would clear up but it would take a long time in doing so. They did -- after a long time. But now the tinnitus and increased hearing loss may indicate that age is more than a number, I suppose! Good luck !

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