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Default Andy's Running

I think that is good advice but if Andy is coming to running virtually from nothing for some time I would suggest a different approach (accepting that in running there are at least as many different ways of coaching as there are in swimming. But over tens of thousands of miles I think I have seen what works for most club standard and above runners and know what worked for me).
From what I read on here there is nothing wrong with Andy's cardiovascular system, it's in excellent shape. BUT that means he may inadvertently try and do too much too soon in a different sport because he is not going to perceive it as a struggle. As we all know, training is just so specific for particular sports. Andy might benefit from following the policy that I and other competent runners used when recovering from overuse injuries or illness. We would go out and start by walking 8 minutes and running 2, steadily NOT fast and certainly not as fast as when interval training. When that was possible without exceeding more than say 65% of pulse rate for the running period, increase the running time by a minute and repeat the exercise. DON'T change the pace. If the pulse rate goes too high, either go back to what was comfortable or stay at the same level until your body adapts. Continue doing this until you are spending as many minutes running as walking. Then reduce the walking breaks by a minute at a time until you can run freely over the country and lanes at a 'conversational' pace (and yes, I know that what is conversational for one will not be for another, its Andy we are talking about).

What matters at this stage of conditioning is 'time on your feet'. Your body has to make many changes/adaptations, cardiovascular, specific muscle groups, connective tissue, and even bone density - this last especially for swimmers. These things take time. Think of it as going out to play not training and you have TI thinking on legs. It is unrealistic to spend years not doing something and then expect to be able to bludgeon your body into becoming competent in a matter of weeks. With someone as fit as Andy you might get away with it but perhaps not. Training long term is a building up process not a breaking down one; building a sound base is essential. Speed, hill running, track sessions are way down the road and if too early will almost guarantee injury or at least loss of interest. It has taken TI to show me that this is also the case in swimming when I should have known better. Its paying dividends now.

I think this may also relate indirectly to Richard's running and walking regime. I have raced a hundred miles running but if I had to cover a hundred miles on foot now that's how I would have to do it - I'm old!!

Keep us posted as to what you decide Andy.

Martin T.
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