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Hello Andy,
I can't say enough about Chi running. Ive turned so many of my students on to it and they are all giving me positive feedback. I train beginner and intermediate triathletes.
Like TI, Chi running technique is not a "flu shot" for fixing your running. When one uses the focal points recommended for proper column alignment the results come rather quickly I have found. Engaging the core on land as opposed to in the water is relatively easy. You should keep your stride distance short like recommended in the book. Find the sweet spot or "zone" and establish your base distance,one that you are comfortable running at a certain speed. HR monitor is always good. 75% effort. Stop running when you lose your composure i.e., arms flail, gate wobbles etc. Once you can get to a 2 or 3 mile run three times a week and feel comfortable then I would recommend you start speed work once a week. Warm up 2 miles then walk a quarter mile. When heart rate shows recovery, fast run 1/8m and jog 1/4 mile...repeat 4 times. At first, you may have to walk a little but always try to jog when you can. Much has been written on the subject of running intervals and I've barely scratched the surface but this should help you get started. As for the ride and run training, I would only start this when you have properly conditioned your legs and start very very slowly. Start with short rides. Warm up on flat ground and then keep a comfortable pace for 30min. The purpose of this, for the beginner, is to gently introduce your body to the transition from the bike to the run. Many excellent athletes can get injured at this phase because they underestimate the affect that the transition has on their muscles. This is the time that you are exploring and training your neuromuscular system. Only start to increase effort and distance when you have a high degree of familiarity with your base performance for the ride/run.
I hope this helps as a point in the right direction.
Im not sure if this dialogue is appropriate for this forum but if anyone has an issue please air it.
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