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Default TI Running

I have agreed to run past the Queen's bedroom next year in the Olympic distance Windsor Triathlon June 2013.

Having not run for 20 years and only a brief bit of biking through the woods a few years ago its going to be a great challenge.

I am signed up with 6 others from College days that include former professional footballers, my swimming mates and an army captain. In other words an open field for me to try and finish first, but on paper all potentially fit/fast people.

After two weeks my cycling is making progress, I am working on learning how to spin and hold my cadence up at 90+ and mixing that with a bit of interval strength training (heavy gear 60SPM 3-5minutes keeping still in the saddle). My speed is going up and I feel more able to attack my local course each session.

My thoughts on the run, however, is less straightforward as I am a real novice and so I wonder what a TI approach to this would be? (I have watched the Chi Running DVD as I know this is often referenced).

My TI instinct would be to teach my body to have a long easy stride whilst holding a cadence of 80+, by using interval training mixed with some 'base' building runs to increase running specific endurance.

My swimming fitness means I can already run a 10K but its around 65 minutes and if I try intervals I guess I can do 5x1km in 5.00 with 2 minutes rest in between.

Any coaching advise or set suggestions from you experienced tri people would be great. Thanks.

I have time and commitment for 10-12 sessions a week but need some easy ones for the first few weeks on double up days.

If I want to finish ahead of the others then I estimate I need a sub 2.40 finish time (30-80-50) or better.
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