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Hi. The first time I did this set last week I inadvertently did it backwards:) I have done it a few times correctly since at slightly different starting points. Here are my results:

Last week I tried it starting at 1.4 and the results were:

1.4: 12
1.5: 12
1.6: 11+
1.7: 11
1.8: 11
1.7: 11
1.6: 11
1.5: 11+
1.4: 12
1.3: 12+

This morning I started at 1.6 and the results were:

1.6: 11
1.7: 10+
1.8: 10
1.9: 10
2.0: 9
1.9: 9+
1.8: 10
1.7: 10
1.6: 10+

The plus means I had to glide a bit into the wall because I was too close for another stroke but not quite hitting the wall at the lower stroke count. There was some improvement on the way back up compared to coming down in both sets. Obviously I performed better today than the prior attempt last week. This may have been the result of where I placed the set within my workout. This mornings was done before my main set whereas last weeks was done after. So I think fatigue played a part on reduced performance in the first attempt vs the second one.


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