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This is my first post here on TI. I've been swimming with a masters program since December 2003. When I started, I could barely get across the pool, and I think my stroke count was about 24. I've been aware of TI for at least a few years and have dabbled with it on and off. A couple months ago, I decided to dedicate myself to it for a few months and see where it takes me. It has completely revolutionized my stroke.

Before a couple months ago, I would swim long distances with 17-20 SPL at about 1:32/100yd pace. Now, I am able to swim at about 15-17 SPL at about the same pace with much less effort.

All the following are with a 3 beep pushoff.

Here are the results of this drill:
1.6 13
1.7 12
1.8 12
1.9 12 very wobbly
2.0 12 very, very wobbly. over-rotated during two strokes.
1.9 12 very wobbly but less than the first 1.9
1.8 12
1.7 12
1.6 12 one spl better
1.5 13

I decided to continue increasing the tempo to see what would happen.
1.4 14
1.3 14
1.2 14
1.1 15
1.0 15
0.9 15
0.8 17 felt very rushed. never got into a good rhthym.

I did some skate and spear switch drills to try to improve on my balance and started back at 2.0.

2.0 11 still wobbly but much better than the first time around.
1.9 12
1.8 12
1.7 12
1.6 12
1.5 12 one spl better than the first go.
1.4 13 one spl better than the first go.

This was an excellent exercise from a couple perspectives. First, as evidenced by the SPL improvements, there is immense learning at the slower tempos. Second, it is great feedback that I was not as balanced as I thought I was. This prompted me to focus on my spear drills more. It added focus and added awareness to the (25 skate + 25 2 pause spear + 25 continuous spear + 25 swim) drills that followed. On the swims, I set the TT to 1.3 and all were at 14 SPL which is excellent for me.

I am going to try this repeatedly and until I do not see improvement.

If anybody can shed some light on why there is only a 1 SPL difference between my 1.5 and 2.0 tempo, I would appreciate it.

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