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Terry, I will play with your down-up-down-up-down variant some day to see what happens. It sounds interesting.

Yesterday I repeated the previous series with step of 0.2. I don't know if the larger step or that I had a little lack of time, that I didn't really got to 9 today. I ended up at something a little bit more than 9 but not really 10.

1.4 13, 12
1.6 12, 12
1.8 11, 11
2.0 10-, 9+
1.8 10, 10
1.6 11, 11
1.4 12, 12
1.2 12, 12

I will arrange for filming of my stroke doing this, because I am very curious how it looks. I am even more curious of how it looks with higher tempos. I also did a suite inspired by Lennart Larsson in another thread on Kicking and sprinting:
I describe my feelings there.

I also did some one arm swim, this time with 2-beat kick and it worked well. So far I have done it with flutter kick except for the very first time when I followed the self coach lessons DVD. As I recall it from the DVD it was 2-beat kick which resulted that I almost drowned doing it. It was a real relief when I watched the DVD and saw that Terry used flutter kick. :-)

-- Johnny
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