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I wanted to try this set because I struggle with counting my strokes and don't feel comfortable using the tempo trainer yet. I swim in a 50 meter pool and did 2 lengths at each tempo. My results:

1.6 33/33
1.7 32/32
1.8 31/31
1.9 30/30
2.0 29/29
1.9 29/30
1.8 30/31
1.7 31/31
1.6 32/32
1.5 33/34

I usually have trouble keeping a focal thought and trying to count at the same time. I used just one stroke thought through the whole set and that was feeling support of the water in my armpit. Because it was so slow it wasn't hard to keep track of my counts. Some lengths I counted my kick, sometimes hips, sometimes arms. The 2.0 was really hard for me and I felt really off balance. Until today I have never had fewer than 39 SPL in a 50 meter pool. Terry, I like your idea of repeating this set once a week. Thanks - it was fun!

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