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Default water up nose

Brief background: when I grew up, I wore noseplugs and was encouraged to by my parents. So that set me up to never really "learn" how to swim without them. Fast forward 20 years I have now begun to train for triathlons and began the Freestyle Made Easy program.

I've only been at it for two weeks, so yes I need to practice but here's my problem. While exhaling through my nose as I rotate to get air 90% of time I have a small amount of water up in my sinuses that I end up having to swallow so I can take my breath.

I've tried humming, which works while I'm swimming but doesn't seem to exhale enough force when I rotate to keep water out. If I don't hum I exhale way too quickly through the nose and find myself needing air sooner with the same issue of water in the back of my throat.

I'd like to also note that when I practice just placing my face in the water and rotating I don't have this problem, it seems to be only when moving. I'm tempted to just get noseplugs so I can focus on the drills, then worry about getting this breathing issue fixed later.

Suggestions on things to focus on or try while breathing and exhaling much appreciated.
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