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Originally Posted by Lloyd View Post
I have the same problem at 54 and just learning to swim last feb. I now swim the mile three times a week but have resorted to using a snorkle because I cant beat my breathing problem. I dont see any reason to enroll in any workshops and open water swimming is out without the snorkle I havent really learned to swim yet.
It's a bit off the track of this thread, but I was really struck by Lloyd's post and thought it deserved a reply. Especially, "I don't see any reason to take a workshop". Why not? It sounds like you're frustrated with your breathing problem, and not making progress on your own. For me, continuing frustration with not being able to 'get' something is the best reason for some sort of instruction.

Now, I confess, I've made really slow progress with TI for several years, and am only now about to (finally!) enroll in a workshop. Money and time were the big reasons - there weren't any scheduled in Alaska until last year, so it would have meant an expensive flight and hotel as well as the workshop fee. Those may be good reasons for you, too, or maybe you're making progress in other ways and are happy with that. But if you are frustrated and enjoying your swimming less than you could be, consider treating yourself to a workshop, lessons, or coaching.
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