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Originally Posted by KatieK View Post
Hi Naji, thanks for the reply. I'm often swimming in really hot water (at least 95). The coldest water I've been in this past year was probably about 75, maybe 78. No saltwater this year

I didn't think 65 sounded *that* cold. Do you think it was cold enough to cause a reaction like that? Or do you think the altitude was more to blame?
Without question the drop in temp had a lot to do with it as well as elevation but the drop in temp more so in my opinion. Remember you don't swim in water colder than 75-78, I can tell when the water drops from 60 to 58 in a second because my body will let me know immediately! your talking about a 10 degree drop and that is huge in ow so make sure you follow the 10% rule and gradually increase your time and the amount that you swim in that water if you want to go further. I want you safe and sound for when we swim Alcatraz together next year in 58F water hehe

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