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Default open water breakdown

I swam my first open water event two days ago, having learned and practised TI for about ten months (self-taught via TI books, videos - which have revolutionized the way I swim). I am 56, and swim for pleasure/fitness. In the pool, my goal of effortless, efficient, constantly-improving freestyle, is successful for 3-5k, though slow - around 2.2k per hour. I have practised sighting, etc in the pool, and swam across a 1k lake comfortably a couple of weeks ago, although I need more work on swimming straight.
As soon as the horn went off, I suffered some sort of disconnect. I started out efficiently, sighting every 6 strokes. After about four cycles, I saw the body of 160 swimmers leaving me behind (which I had expected - and planned for), at which point I lost my focus of quiet efficiency, and my stroke broke down - going harder than I had wanted. By 300 metres, I was struggling, and had to alternate with breastroke to finish the 3k course. Although I finished at 1:10:16, about ten minutes ahead of my expected time, that was not the point. My stroke, focus and comfort had broken down, despite months of mindful practice. What happened? How do I fix it?

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