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Originally Posted by gogglesnoseplugs View Post
Thanks for your input Shuumai... I suppose that will get me started.

I have had the bobbing thing down ever since I was a kid, but I am now trying to move to the next level and really learn, especially not having to get in the water completely. I will give the bowl drill a try, any other ideas out there in case that does not work or if I master that?
Here's an exercise: Try exhaling as completely as you can. Once your regular exhale ends, really use your diaphragm to slowly push more air out than you thought you could. Then, don't inhale, but just completely relax. The air should rush back in on it's own.

Of course, the opposite exercise would be to inhale deeply, then relax to let the air leave your lungs on its own. That one might make you light headed.

You could just sit there and mindfully breathe in through your mouth only then exhale through your nose only.

You can do breathing rehearsals on land and work with a stretch cord, but all that was covered in another thread.

As far as going to the pool LESS, I don't know about that. It's a good idea to be in the pool at least three times a week. It's fine to cut back on the amount of time in each session while increasing the number of sessions per week. Some people call it "spaced repetition."
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