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Originally Posted by gogglesnoseplugs View Post
Many of the forum followers might see that I am trying to start at the basics to swim better, rather than just "diving" back in hoping I'll simply overcome my challenges. I am now noticing I am not breathing effeciently when I do freestyle, which might be a only adding to my already existing problems. To help me improve, what sort of drills can I do without having to go to the pool to simply do those drills? What sort of water drills can I do at home on my spare time? What do you folks suggest?
Salad bowl drill or bathtub bubbling, maybe. Maybe deep, controlled breathing, meditation-style, or "yoga breaths."

In the pool I use the bobbing drill. Submerge and bubble out, rhythmically surface to take another breath, then submerge again. I focus on only exhaling below the surface. That gets me adjusted to the water and prepares me to breathe, especially for the breaststroke. Sometimes I spontaneously start doing the breaststroke like a fish chasing after food.
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